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Gettin’ Tipsy for Allie!

Tavern On Camac, 243 S Camac St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

As you all know by now one of our own, Allie Veach-Walther, needs our support. If you don’t know her, Allie is a Program Analyst who has been with TDI for more than 5 years. She’s coping with a debilitating kidney disease which will require a transplant to allow her to function as an otherwise healthy 32 year-old should.

When I started working here in 2018, Allie was the one who fired the starting gun for lunch at the Navy Yard to begin. Now that’s someone who takes her Program Analyst role to the next level! (I’ve never seen it, but I’m certain there was a spreadsheet for this on Allie’s desktop.)

Recovery from her transplant operation will take months, and the board of ChariTDI is seeking creative ways to support Allie throughout her difficult road ahead. Which brings me to the point of this message. The planned fundraiser (FUNdraiser, if I may be so bold) is going forward as planned on Thursday, November 2nd. To make this event a success, we will need to provide a headcount to the management of Tavern On Camac. On a typical Thursday happy hour, I’m playing to about 6 people from 5 to 6PM, then the place fills up and by 9:30PM the number has swelled to 20 or 30. Should there be an large increase due to this event, and I hope there will be, we may need to request additional bar and kitchen staff to ensure smooth service. So, please RSVP to me today to let me know if you will be attending and when you plan to arrive.

If you cannot attend, you can still contribute by watching the live stream of the event, which will begin at 7PM and continue until the end of my piano bar shift at 9:30PM. I’ll have my 17 year-od daughter show me how to achieve this digital sorcery through a platform she calls InstaGram Live. She assures me it’s a thing, like Tik-Tok but without the Chinese governmental influence. So we will be linking to Allie’s Venmo through the livestream (a sentence no one uttered when I was 32 years old!) if that is also technologically possible.

All donations will go directly to Allie, not to me or the company. No administrative costs, no phone bank volunteers to supply with doughnuts and coffee, just 100% of your loving support paving the way for a friend and colleague who has a pretty rough road ahead of her.

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